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Training Programs

Training programs designed to walk parents through radical growth that brings equality, trust, and true respect to family life

At Knowledge for Transformation Consultants we created Training Programs in an effort to meet the needs and requests from parents across the world who want to explore the large concepts and the daily practice of parenting for social change. At Knowledge for Transformation Consultants we believe  that the ways our society treats children sets the foundation for all other forms of injustice.

Our training programs support parents as they undergo their transformative journey. This inner work serves as a foundation for outer action that ultimately liberates individuals, groups and communities. We provide these training programs as a tool for you to transform your life, and in turn, transform our world.

Our training programs provides a guided experience for parents to investigate their childhood, analyze their current dynamics, and strategize their future possibilities in creating a wholly liberated family life.

Training Programs

  • Lifestyle Transition
  • Home Remedies through juices & food
  • Understanding your Body

  • Parenting For Heaven
  • Setting the ground for Family relationships
  • The Ideal Family

What You will learn

Our Day to Day Parenting Practices

  • Gain heartfelt support as you unravel the messaging and experiences from your childhood that inform your parenting

  • Learn actual skills to foster meaningful equality in your family
  • Experiment with real strategies to infuse respect in your parenting

Our Blow Ups and Vulnerable Moments

  • Reflect on the oppressive dynamics and routines that surround the toughest moments in family life
  • Understand what vulnerabilities are triggered in you when struggle arises

  • Acquire realistic strategies to reconnect after blow-ups or freak outs
  • Implement non-oppressive tools to be wholly present in challenging situations

Our Interactions with the Greater World

  • Connect your parenting style to what you believe about the world at large (beliefs around culture, race, gender, class, etc.)

  • Communicate honestly with your extended family and community about your parenting beliefs
  • Navigate external relationships using strategies you foster inside your family

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